Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 2 of the 2016 Opening weekend at St. Helena

While windy until afternoon, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day.
 Mark Siegman arrives at the dock to check out the solar power system he helped to design. It was a good thing we managed to get the dock installed the prior day.

 Mark tells us about his trip across from the mainland. 

Every year we take a sample from the well to ensure that the water is potable. After pumping the well to ensure it is running clean, we have to continually pump it for 30 minutes before taking the sample - a task that was undertaken in shifts by a number of us. 

 The official sample is taken per instructions and sealed for delivery to the water department back in St. Ignace on our return to the mainland. Thankfully,we receive word from the water department on Monday afternoon that the water is potable, and we can safely use it again this year.

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