Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 opening weekend at St. Helena Island Light Station

Departure on Saturday morning was a little chilly, cold and choppy, but as you can see from people's faces, spirits were high.

The fog burned off quickly, and while it was pretty windy, Bob Brunais hoisted our flag at the top of the tower to let the world know we have returned. 

Ric and Ales Mixter share a selfie moment in the lantern.

One of our tower windows blew open during the winter storms, completely shattering the frame. It mist have happened while there was a great deal of snow was on the ground because the pane of glass was lying on the rocks below in one piece!
  Lots of weeds growing everywhere this year. The Boy Scouts will doubtless take care of these during Scout Week 2016 which starts this coming weekend.

Terry Pepper and Alex Mixter grab a bite to eat in the kitchen.

 Sunset Saturday over the historic St. Helena privy.

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