Friday, June 20, 2014

Scout Week 2014 at St. Helena Island

Monday June 16 - The incredible boys, parents and advisers associated with Ann Arbor Boy Scout Troop 4 have been back on St. Helena Island working their annual week of miracles since Saturday. Here Scout Troy Morgan works on his Eagle Scout project to complete the interior finishing of the original assistant keepers dwelling. The building itself was erected by his brother over the past two years in order to earn his Eagle Scout award.

Monday June 16 - For his Eagle Scout project, Boy Scot Eli Levine is installing a solar-powered electrical system to the lighthouse. Here, a Sono tube has been placed in a four-foot deep excavated hole 300 feet to the west of the lighthouse into which the main support post for the solar array will be placed and filled with concrete.
Monday June 16 - In order to get electricity from the solar array to the lighthouse for his Eagle Scout project, Eli Levine and his fellow Scouts are hand excavating a 300 foot long trench between a grove of trees. The white building to the right is the replicated original assistant keepers dwelling built as two Eagle Scout projects by brothers Spencer and Troy Morgan. Great work Troop 4.

Tuesday June 17 -It is raining here in the Straits of Mackinac today, but that has not stopped the boys, parents and advisers with Ann Arbor Boy Scout Troop 4 who continue their work at the St. Helena Island light. Here we see work continuing on the solar power cable trench.

Tuesday June 17 -This tent outside the new assistant keepers dwelling at St. Helena Island allows the good folks with Ann Arbor Troop 4 to cut the flooring for the building without getting soaked in the process.
Tuesday June 17 -  Ann Arbor Boy Scout Troop 4 excavated the hole into which the pole to support the solar array to a depth of 60", which is the specified depth required to support the solar array.
Tuesday June 17 - Troy Morgan and his crew lay flooring in the replicated assistant keepers dwelling 
Tuesday June 17 - The boys, leaders and parents with Ann Arbor Boy Scout Troop 4 also continued excavation of trench for the electrical line from the solar array to the new assistant keepers dwelling.

William Colicott's Eagle Scout award project is to take an exhaustive inventory of all the personal property at the St. Helena Island light station, and enter it into an Excel database he designed. Here we see William (in the red t-shirt) and his team conferring with Eagle Scoot Pogram Coordinator Dean Wise (left)
Tuesday June 17 - A couple of times during Scout Week, the fine folks with Ann Arbor Boy Scout Troop 4 gather fallen limbs and brush and build a huge bonfire out on the beach in front of the St. Helena Island light station. This was Tuesday night's fire.

Wednesday June 18 - Sunrise at St. Helena island this morning. Thankfully, the folks on the island missed a huge thunderstorm which passed just 20 miles to the south.

Wednesday June 18 - Scout mothers Peggy Levine and Nikki Wardner do landmark duty planning and preparing meals for over 40 Boy Scots, parents and leaders during Scout Week at our St. Helena Island light station. Great job ladies!

Wednesday June 18 - Scouts line up for lunch at the kitchen door at our St. Helena Island light station in the beautiful Straits of Mackinac.

Wednesday June 18 - Digging a new privy hole at St. Helena Island. One of many tasks tackled by the boys of Boy Scouts of America Troop 4 from Ann Arbor this week.

Thursday June 19 - Scout parent Thom Saunders braves the rain on Tuesday to use the pressure washer to blast bugs from the exterior of the boat house at our St. Helena Island light station during Scout Week 2014.
Thursday June 19 - Work continues on Scout Eli Levine's Eagle Scout project to install a solar electrical system at our St. Helena Island light station. Here we see the trench for the electrical line is being continued to lighthouse itself.
Friday June 20 - Boy Scout Drew Ceely tries his hand on the pump organ in the parlor at the St. Helena Island light station.
Friday June 20 - 2014 marks the 25th year in succession in which the boys, leaders, parents and advisers with Boy Scouts of America Ann Arbor Troop 4 have made the trek to our St. Helena Island light station to work their miracles. With tonight being the final night of Scout Week 2014, the entire troop celebrated with cake and ice cream! Congratulations to everyone who has been associated with Troop 4 over the past 25 years, and THANK YOU for your amazing dedication to Scouting and lighthouses.

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