Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Volunteers Return

Saturday June 21 - Scout Week 2014 has come to and end, and the throng of boys,
leaders and parents have departed. Our faithful volunteers under the leadership
of the amazing MaryAnn Moore have returned to run the station for the next
two months. Stay tuned - we have a busy summer planned!

Sunday June 22 - The midges have returned to St. Helena Island. Not quite as bad as they were on our trip out to open the station three weeks ago, but bad enough that all our volunteers are all sporting their bug shields.And if you decide to brave the woods as Jamie, MaryAnn and Taylor are here, tick-proof socks and rolled in pants are the order of the day. All part of the joy of communing with nature. Because of the late winter, everything is about three weeks behind normal here in northern Michigan.

Sunday June 22 - Principal Keeper MaryAnn Moore sent us this shot of tonight's diner at the St. Helena Island light station. Chicken and biscuits, corn on the cob, and pumpkin custard with whipped cream for dessert! She says "Sorry folks - it's too late and it's all gone!"
Sunday June 22 - Young volunteer Taylor Anderson installing water lines for the propane
heated showers at the St. Helena Island light station earlier today. He and his mom are
staying at the lighthouse for the next two weeks. Share your love of lighthouses with your
children and grandchildren then take them with you to volunteer at your nearest
lighthouse.They will gain vital skills and self confidence that they will carry with them
for the rest of their lives.
Monday June 23 - A thorough spring cleaning is the first order of the new week,
and after carefully moving all the furniture Dianne Michaelson gives
the beautiful Douglas Fir parlor floor a thorough cleaning.

Monday June 23 - In the adjacent room, Jamie Anderson gives the dining room mirror some careful attention.
Monday June 23 - Meanwhile, Jamie's son Taylor shows off his culinary
prowess by baking chocolate Rice Crispy Treats for the team's
snacking enjoyment.
Tuesday June 24 - Jamie Anderson and her son Taylor are busy making home made coleslaw
in the St. Helena kitchen this afternoon.
Wednesday June 25 - Our volunteer keepers at our St. Helena Island light station had some visitors arrive at our new dock today! While thankfully, the water at our original crib dock has risen this year, there is still insufficient water depth to allow boats larger than our Zodiacs to tie up there. Once we add the two extensions to the new dock next week, much larger boats will have no problem visiting the island without being forced to anchor offshore.
Wednesday June 25  - It turned out that the visitors to the Island were none other
than GLLKA President Steve Sheridan and some of his family, who motored their
Boston Whaler all the way from Bois Blanc Island, 20 miles to the east. Shown here
at lunch from left to right: Jamie Anderson, Taylor Anderson, Brent Sheridan
(Steve's son), Tanya Sheridan (Steve's wife), Steve Sheridan and MaryAnn Moore.
Dianne Michaelson left the table to take the photo.

Wednesday, June 25 - Taylor is tackling the tower. He started sweeping at the top this
morning, and has made it to the bottom this afternoon - keep up the great work young man!

Thursday June 26 - With today being the first real sunny day at St. Helena Island since
our volunteers returned last Saturday, they are taking advantage of the opportunity to air
all the station's clean laundry.

Thursday June 26 - Our Executive Director Terry Pepper narrated Shepler's first Westbound nighttime Lighthouse Cruise. After stopping at St. Helena, we set out to White Shoal light station to capture some breathtaking views of the sun setting behind the iconic lighthouse.

Thursday June 26 - After leaving White Shoal, the Shepler's Ferry HOPE headed south to view Grays Reef, with its red light making the lantern glow like a ruby.
Friday June 27 - Steve Sheridan, Terry Pepper, Mike Crawford and Mary Pepper arrived on St. Helena island to begin assembly of the final two section of our dock to take it out to the five foot depth at its outer end. Here Steve Sheridan and Mike Crawford assemble the main support components in the boat house.

Saturday June 28 - Morning at St. Helena Island, the existing dock sections were separated and one of the sections pulled to shore to allow the new sections to be inserted. Seen here from left to right are Steve Sheridan, Jamie and Taylor Anderson, MaryAnn Moore, Mike Crawford and Mary Pepper.
Saturday June 28 - Early in the afternoon at the St. Helena Island light station the extended dock was run out and assembled, and while Steve Sheridan installed the shore ramps in the foreground, Taylor Anderson and Terry Pepper prepared to begin leveling each section.
Saturday June 28 - This photograph from the north shows the extended dock after leveling. Because of an old lake contour beneath the surface, one end of a section of deck to the right could not be lowered sufficiently to get it level. We will shorten that leg pair when we pull the dock in at the end of the season.
Saturday June 28 - One unexpected and happy consequence of the new dock at St. Helena Island light station was the discovery that it makes an excellent place from which to take a jump into the cool clear waters of Lake Michigan, as demonstrated by Jamie Anderson.
Sunday June 29 - A windy afternoon after an early afternoon storm created a perfect opportunity for Taylor Anderson and Cassidy Burns to fly a kite in front of the St. Helena Island light station today.

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