Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trees and lighthouses

As you will see from the photo below taken a couple of years ago, the trees around the Cheboygan Crib light have been allowed to grow to the point that it was getting difficult to take photos of the lighthouse. 

The Cheboygan Crib light as viewed from Gordon Turner Park in 2008
Thanks to a storm which blew through the area last night, one of the trunks was toppled, and a City work crew appeared in the park and removing the fallen tree.

Trees being removed from around the Cheboygan Crib light in 2012

 The view is now much improved, and photographing the lighthouse will be much easier.    In our opinion, there are a number of lighthouses around the Great Lakes which could benefit from a similar trimming. Here are but a couple of examples which come to mind.....

Michigan Island lighthouse in the Apostle Islands as it appeared through the trees in 2009
Mendota Lighthouse at the entrance to Lac LaBelle in the Keweenaw Peninsula on Lake Suoerior
Forty Mile Point in October 2011

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